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EBKA presentations from earlier in the winter ‘20/’21 were recorded and loaded onto YouTube by Cathy. Links to the presentations are shown at the bottom of this page:

There was an excellent programme on Radio 4, ‘Beyond Belief‘, discussing beekeeping by members of three different faiths – Christian, Jewish and Muslim. The pleasures and relevance of beekeeping are consistent for all three and the programme accurately and vividly describes the common rewards of keeping bees – rather than differences in religious celebrations. Well spent 30 minutes listening to by all – whether of faith or none.

There have also been some fascinating articles on honeybees on the excellent BBC ‘Animal Einsteins’ programmes by Chris Packham. The second episode shows some very recent research on the communication between honeybees – the honeybee article starts at 25 minutes in.

The third episode has an amazing article about the precision and brilliance of honeybees in building honeycomb. The conclusion is that mankind is a long way behind the natural world in building structures and that the latest man made buildings are imitating those skills. The article starts at 39 minutes and 20 seconds in.

Our Pollinators provide a vital contribution in the fight against climate change! Please see the New Scientist article found by Cathy

‘The Bees know what they are doing, but does the Beekeeper?‘ by Wally Shaw on March ’21
Wally has produced a number of free beekeeping  booklets via the Welsh Beekeepers Association – link here
He has recently published ‘Swarming Biology and Control‘ available from Beecraft

‘Varroa resistant honeybees’ by Professor Stephen Martin of Salford University, in February ‘21

‘Darwinian Beekeeping’ by Professor Tom Seeley of Cornell University – recognised as a world authority on bees and their lifestyles. January ’21<

Oil Seed Rape, Blessing or Curse’ by Pam Hunter, Master Beekeeper, on December ’20.

‘For the Joys of Swarms’ by David Packham, Seasonal Bee Inspector in November ‘20

‘The Wax Chandlers’ by Andrew Gibb, Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers, in October ’20.

There are more excellent articles on honeybees on the BBC website here:

East Devon BKA has copies of presentations from their winter evening talks with some excellent articles here.


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