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 This page is intended for Members of Exeter BKA and also contains a link to the adverts from the broader Devon Beekeeping community.

Jane’s work demands are preventing her from giving time to beekeeping , she has lost her bees and now has lots of beekeeping equipment to sell – as below:
9 supers
6 brood boxes
4 poly nuc boxes
2 green plastic nuc boxes
7 QE
2 smokers
3 bee suits size M and L
6 roofs
6 crown boards
Many frames, some with foundation/drawn comb
Manual honey extractor
I would like to sell the boxes/supers for £10 each. £15 for poly nuts. £10 bee suits (Inc extra veils).Rest £5 . Frames £5-10 per set.
Please contact Jane either on her mobile (07940 336 446) or email


I am a retiring beekeeper (on the Devon/Somerset border) and I have a quantity of equipment for sale. The equipment ranges from National hives, frames/kits, OSBs, two cedarwood top bar hives (all Thornes) as well as a Cornish beekeepers top bar hive, manual extraction spinner, buckets and strainers of various sizes, tools, smoker, and other bits and bobs. Again all purchased from well known companies, mainly Thornes or Okehampton.

I am very happy to send photographs to anyone who is interested in purchasing any item.
With kind regards, Victoria, (



05/21. Caroline Taverner has 5 boxes of brand new cut comb sections (100 sections per box). Would any member like them for £20 each ( they retail for just under £50 per box at Thornes).

Adverts in the current edition of the Devon BKA magazine – ‘Beekeeping‘.

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