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This page is intended for Members of Exeter BKA and also contains a link to the adverts from the broader Devon Beekeeping community.

05/05/22 For Sale Two 14 x 12 Brood boxes including frames. Used for less than two seasons, Cuprinol’d from new and at end of first season. (No bottom bars on frames.) £30 for the pair. Contact Basil on
I have two old, but OK, complete hives for sale. One has a Thornes’ mesh floor, a National box, a roof, a QE and a super. The other has a homemade mesh floor, a National box, a cover board, super and a roof. I was thinking £70 for one or £120 for both. Please contact Tanzey – 07787 513567
6/9/21 A person with a smallholding near Crediton is offering a location for beehives. Please contact our Secretary, Cathy, if it would be of interest to you. Original message follows:
We have a small holding of approx 30 acres Nr Crediton and was wondering whether any of your members would be interested in keeping some hives here ? We are not looking for money or honey just some way of increasing out biodiversity.
05/21. Caroline Taverner has 5 boxes of brand new cut comb sections (100 sections per box). Would any member like them for £20 each ( they retail for just under £50 per box at Thornes).
05/21. Matt has practically unused Medium Male Beesuit from BB wear in cream for £35.

Adverts in the current edition of the Devon BKA magazine – ‘Beekeeping‘.

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