Our branch apiary is located near the village of Woodbury Salterton, Devon

Branch meetings are held on alternate Sunday mornings at 1030 during the summer and are open for any of our members to come along to – for details of the location  please contact the Branch Secretary for directions.

Whether you’re new to beekeeping or have taken up this wonderful hobby for many years, these branch apiary meetings provide an opportunity for beekeepers to learn more with hands-on experience as well as gaining further knowledge from others who are on hand to share their wisdom and offer tips and advice.


It is with great sadness that I have to report that Louise Rickard died on Thursday 11th January. Louise was the Secretary of Exeter BKA for many years, kept her own bees on the family’s allotment by the River Exe, and enjoyed making candles from the wax. She was regularly seen serving refreshments at our winter evening meetings at Topsham Rugby Club, and frequently helped with the honey extracting at the Apiary. Louise was always cheerful and positive with a lovely sense of self-deprecating humour, and was one of those unsung people who quietly provided a great contribution to the Exeter BKA whilst deliberately keeping a low profile.

Despite the seriousness of her illness during the last three years Louise refused to feel sorry for herself and quickly changed the topic of conversation whenever one asked how she was. She dealt with her cancer by keeping as outwardly fit as possible, by cycling and walking long distances to the astonishment of the nurses who, when ‘phoning to see how she was after a chemotherapy session, would be told, “Oh, I’m fine, I’m out walking”!  However, despite this brave, determined approach Louise was admitted to the R,D & E last week where she died within a few days.

Louise will be sadly missed by those who knew her and our heartfelt sympathies go out to Tony, her husband and daughters Ella and Emily.

Louise’s funeral is at 1130 on Friday 9th February at the Exeter Crematorium.


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