Membership Application


People are very welcome to join the Exeter Beekeepers’ Association and will enjoy the formally defined benefits of:

  • Fortnightly Apiary meetings in the summer,
  • Monthly lectures on winter evenings,
  • Monthly beekeeping magazine distributed by the British Beekeepers Association,
  • Monthly magazine on local topics distributed by Devon BKA
  • Bee Disease Insurance for three colonies of bees,
  • Access to meetings at other Associations in Devon,
  • Access to other Beekeeping courses as your skills develop.

Many informal benefits are greatly enjoyed by our Members include:

  • The opportunity to sit and chat through shared experiences after Beekeeper meetings over a cup of tea or coffee (and sometime biscuits!!)
  • Developing your practical beekeeping skills alongside other Members,
  • Hiring EBKA equipment for those seasonal jobs which may not justify buying your own item (e.g. honey extractor)
  • Periodic bulk purchases to reduce individual buying costs (e.g. honey jars, wax foundation, bee feed etc),

And, most importantly, the fascination, continuous learning, enthusiasm and relaxation of observing honeybees in their day to day lives – plus the added bonus of the best tasting honey anywhere in the world – the honey produced by your bees!

Full details of the types of membership are detailed on the attachment. There are three documents at the bottom of this page – Guidance Notes, Application form in MS-Word, and an Application form in .pdf format – for handwritten completion

But in summary the types of membership and extras included are:-

  • Registered/ School (cost £37) – includes BDI insurance for up to 3 colonies, BBKA News and Devon Beekeeping magazines
  • Partner (cost £17 – only available to someone living at the same address as a Registered member) – no BDI insurance or magazines
  • Junior (£17) – BBKA News and Devon Beekeepers magazines but no BDI insurance
  • Associate (£14) – Devon Beekeepers magazine only
  • Social (£4.50) – no extras (membership of branch only)

Only registered and partner members can vote at general meetings.

These are notes to help completing the application – 2021 DBKA Guidance Notes.

Application form in MS-Word for completion on your PC – 2021 DBKA Exeter Branch Membership Form

Application form (.pdf) to print and hand written completion – 2021 DBKA Exeter Branch Membership Form

Details of the Bee Diseases Insurance can be found on the BBKA website here.

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