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Wednesday 15th December 7pm  – ‘A Shopping Day for a Worker Bee’

Tracing the journey of nectar, water, propolis and pollen from their collection and their uses, ending with the  final contents, the poo! Have you every looked into a bee’s mouth? Seen what’s in their poo? What about the brood food and how it’s made. Find out how a bee collects, digests and uses its food from without and within its specialised body

The talk is varied and all images from photographs taken on the microscope by Graham Kingham.

The Virtual Devon Honey Show 2021 – entries now closed and results to be announced in February 2022. Full details on the Devon BKA website here.

Real concerns are being raised by the BBKA, BDI, and the Science Advisor of the danger of inadvertently importing the Small Hive Beetle if Queens are imported from Northern Ireland. Please see full details in the paper below:
Importing Honey Bees into Great Britain

EBKA Members are welcomed to join meetings held by other Devon Associations. Please contact the relevant Branch Secretary for specific joining details. The schedule of events at other Devon Associations is shown on the DBKA website here.

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