Coming Events

The annual British Beekeepers Association Spring Convention takes place on the weekend of Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th April – this year as a virtual event. Registration details and a programme for both the presentations and lighthearted events are included on the Spring Convention website. This event provides the opportunity to hear from experts in beekeeping and recent research.

Real concerns are being raised by the BBKA, BDI, and the Science Advisor of the danger of inadvertently importing the Small Hive Beetle if Queens are imported from Northern Ireland. Please see full details in the paper below:
Importing Honey Bees into Great Britain

We’re hoping to open the Apiary once COVID regulations allow – please watch this space.

EBKA Members are welcomed to join meetings held by other Devon Associations. Please contact the relevant Branch Secretary for specific joining details. The schedule of events at other Devon Associations is shown on the DBKA website here.

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