Rolling out the Evolution of resistance to Varroa and DWV

Varroa mite on honey bee

REViVe (Rolling out the Evolution of resistance to Varroa and DWV) is a three year project currently being undertaken Jessica Kevill and Professor Stephen Martin, University of Salford, Manchester and Dr Declan Schroeder, The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom to find out if a small number of European honey bee populations (Apis mellifera) can persist without any Varroa control and to investigate if this can provide a long-term solution to the Varroa-Deformed Wing Virus problem faced by beekeepers.

As sponsors of this project, we are contributing £300 a year to Bee Diseases Insurance Limited (BDI), who provides insurance against colony losses for beekeepers in the UK, to support research into the relationship between the honey bee and the parasitic varroa mite.

The results for the first part of the ReViVe project are soon to published.

The next stage of the research is for participating branches to provide information regarding Varroa treatment and over-winter colony losses which will be used in parallel to the analysis of our apiary samples and will help the REViVe project identify which variants of Deformed Wing Virus are linked to over-winter losses.  As the only branch in Devon to be participating, we look forward to seeing the published results.

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