Latest weapon to fight Asian hornet

Asian hornet (Vespa velutina)

The nation’s smartphones are the latest weapon in the fight to prevent the spread of the Asian hornet, thanks to a newly launched free app called Asian Hornet Watch.  Designed to quickly and easily report possible sightings of the invasive species and send images of suspect insects to experts at the National Bee Unit.

While Asian hornets pose no greater risk to human health than a bee, they are a threat to our native honey bees, which is why it is important to quickly contain them.

By using the eyes and ears of smartphone users, we can more quickly identify any Asian hornet nests in the UK and eradicate them before they have the opportunity to spread.

The Asian Hornet Watch app is available to download from the Apple and Android app stores.

As beekeepers, this serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and report any possible sightings to our local Seasonal Bee Inspector (David Packham) or directly to the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat.