World Bee Day 2018

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The original idea for a World Bee Day came form the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association and has now received support from 53 countries and is intended to raise public awareness of the importance of bees and apicultural products has an important role in the effort to protect bees and beekeeping.

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about World Bee Day

Bees play an extremely important role in nature. It is said that there would be no food or human life without bees.

Bees and other pollinators are very important for human survival. One third of food produced in the world depends on pollination and bees play the most important role among the pollinators. By pollination, bees contribute to successful agricultural production, to providing food security, and they also assure the nutritional security of the population with their highly nutritious products, such as honey.

World Bee Day is celebrated in May when the number of bees in colonies increases in the southern hemisphere to such an extent that colonies may swarm, which is their natural way of reproduction. During this period, bees are most numerous and the need for pollination is at its maximum.  On the otherhand, it is autumn in the southern hemisphere and time for harvesting honey.