Natural Beekeeping and how to make a Tree Trunk Hive

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Jonathan Powell from the National Beekeepng Trust will be speaking about wild unmanaged colonies, tree beekeeping and treatment-free Natural Beekeeping in the UK. Traditional European tree hives are particularly inspiring in our challenging contemporary context, and Jonathan believes that we have much to learn from them and how wild colonies cope with disease and mites.

Our winter meetings are held monthly at Topsham Rugby Club, Topsham, Devon EX3 0LX.

Free parking.

About the speaker

Jonathan PowellJonathan is a trustee of the Natural Beekeeping Trust as well as a founding member of Tree Beekeeping International, an organisation dedicated to furthering the craft of tree beekeeping.

He first started beekeeping as a child in the 1970s, taught by his grandfather who kept bees from 1920s onward. In his beekeeping practice he is looking to learn from wild bees so as to let their preferences inform his beekeeping. To this end he was trained in the traditional tree beekeeping methods of Eastern Europe where once 100s of thousands of hives used to be kept inside man-made tree cavities. He founded a peer group of natural beekeepers in Somerset, writes at and gives talks and training on Bee Centered Beekeeping and Tree Beekeeping.

​He is the author of the first ever Guide to Tree Beekeeping.