Beyond Swarm Control

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Ruth Horner first started keeping bees at her school when she was aged 9 - Ian Horner started a little later, but together they have kept bees for over 35 years in Dorset and in Northumberland. Together, they have kept an average of around 12 colonies during this period.

This meeting is being held at the Newcourt Community Centre, Blakeslee Drive, The Rydons, Exeter EX2 7AY.

Free parking.

About the speakers

We are concerned that, despite an influx of new beekeepers in recent years, the average age of beekeepers remains stubbornly high and we have been looking at ways of developing future beekeepers amongst younger people.

Over the last couple of years we have been increasingly involved in the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers programme which England has competed in each year since 2011. This has involved team selection and publicity about the event and, we have accompanied the team members and team manger to the event in Slovakia in 2015 and in Prague in 2016. The main reason for this was to assess the level of input and commitment necessary to host the event in England in 2017. With support from the BBKA Executive, a proposal was put to association delegates at the Annual Delegate Meeting in January 2016 to host the event in England in 2017. Delegates demonstrated their support for the project and voted heavily in favour. Delegates also agreed that members associations would make a contribution to the costs of the event based on membership numbers. With this support behind us we feel confident that we will be able to raise sufficient sponsorship to cover the costs of the event.