Bring your own BBQ

Start date

We look forward to seeing you at the branch apiary for our end of season BBQ starting at 2pm (we have a pagoda if the weather changes).

Please bring something you would like cooked on the BBQ. It's our first BBQ so if you bring your own food and drink (we will still boil the kettle) this year just in case. It will be the last session at the apiary as the beekeeping session ends.

For those of you who have not been to the apiary for a while, it's a chance to see the new hives that have been provided by The Exeter Insurance Company. They kindly paid for two different hives - one Warré with glass observation panels and one WBC. Not only can you look at them if you are considering a type of hive to buy, but also we hope to give tips on the use of a more unusual hive like the Warré. The Exeter also kindly paid for six children's beesuits and two adult sized beesuits.