Equipment hire

Honey extractor

If you are a Member of the Exeter Beekeepers' Association, we have the following equipment that can be hired:

  • Honey Extractor - the original E. H. Taylor model - manual
  • Honey Extractor - newer model with filter, manual
  • Heated Uncapping Trays - Pratley
  • Honey Settling Tank with Tap (white plastic)
  • Beesuits (some almost new)
  • Observation Hive (no bees included)*

* There will be no charge for use of the Observation Hive if being used for education purposes.

All items are charged at £5 for use for a maximum of one week.

Please contact our Apiary Manager to hire any of the equipment.

Do you have any suggestions for further equipment?

If so, please contact us as we may be able to buy additional equipment if it is of wide appeal and for the benefit of other Members.