Become a beekeeper

Beekeeper Leila

If you've found this page, then that's your first step into the wonderful world of beekeeping, whether it's just a relaxing hobby or into full honey production, then we're here to help.

Here in the UK, beekeeping is largely a hobby. However, there are commercial beekeepers, but the vast majority of them use beekeeping as part of their income and the number who rely entirely on bees is very small.

Each year we run beekeeping courses for beginners - a 10 week course of theory and practical sessions at the apiary.

Before you decide to become a beekeeper and spend money on buying tools and equipment, we would recommend you sign up to one of our beginner courses to give you a basic understanding of what becoming a beekeeper will entail. The practical sessions will be the first time many will have handled bees.

The wonderful thing about bees is that when treated with respect, they don't' want to harm you and are happy going about their own business.

If you would like to find out more about the courses we run or taster days where you can come along to our apiary, visit our forthcoming events page.  Alternatively, please get in touch with our Branch Secretary.

Further information

Beebase - is the National Bee Unit website and provides a wide range of free beekeeping information and advice for new beekeepers.

British Beekeepers' Association - promotes the craft of beekeeping and educates the public in the importance of bees in the environment. It is the UK's leading organisation representing beekeepers and provides information on getting started.


Branch membership is drawn mainly from the Exeter area and its immediate surroundings but geography is no restriction to membership of our branch.