Rolling out the Evolution of resistance to Varroa and DWV

REViVe (Rolling out the Evolution of resistance to Varroa and DWV) is a three year project currently being undertaken Jessica Kevill and Professor Stephen Martin, University of Salford, Manchester and Dr Declan Schroeder, The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom to find out if a small number of European honey bee populations (Apis mellifera) can persist without any Varroa control and to investigate if this can provide a long-term solution to the Varroa-Deformed Wing Virus problem faced by beekeepers.

Children's 'Bee Creative' Competition

Teachers - how about this as a project for your class? Parents - would your children enjoy this competition? The Bee Tent at the Honiton Show is always a very popular place to visit and this year a competition has been organised for children of primary school age to make a poster or mobile illustrating bees working together towards their common objective.

Skep Making Workshop

Are you interested in learning how to make a skep? If so, come along to our Skep Making Workshop which is a two day workshop spread over two months. The workshop will be led by expert local skep maker, Mick Male, who demonstrates skep making at the Devon County Show each year and is being held at Farringdon Village Hall, Farringdon, Devon EX5 2HY.

Beekeeping courses

Do you fancy the idea of keeping bees and would you like to learn about beekeeping? Each year we run a Beginners' Beekeeping Course for people interested in taking up this wonderful hobby. The course is aimed at complete beginners - your and old - without bees and no,or very little, experience but with the desire to learn about bees and beekeeping.

Hive weighing


David Friend, one of our members, has devised an economic method of accurately weighing beehives to check the weight of stores remaining. It certainly beats spending a large amount of money on high-tech weighing solutions.

When manually hefting a hive to either assess the weight of stores for winter or monitor seasonal changes in weight the lifting position is generally very awkward, the hive is heavy and the estimate is inaccurate. It is often better to use some form of balance attached to a convenient and ergonomic point away from the hive.